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February 11, 2007

Will we someday be hearing about a future Flex prodigy? Possibly. Grant Skinner is what I consider a Flash prodigy. His gModeler application was leaps and bounds ahead of anything that I had seen built with Flash. It still has merit and utility today. As well his Flash symphony showcased over on Incomplet. I also consider the Flex alchemy of Ely Greenfield to be of superior effort, quality, and creativeness. I have the privilege of studying and teaching the results of his software engineering feats on the Flex Charting components. These components are some of the strongest Internet based charting solutions that exist and are being used by large companies such as SAP, stock brokerage firms, and other financial institutions. What was the genesis that inspired these thoughts ... I am listening to the immense talents of Jay Greenberg's Symphony # 5 & Quintet for Strings, who is only 15. He has already recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra.

As a new father, I hope to create an optimal learning environment for my son's interests. Maybe Flex will be among them.

Here is parting thought from child prodigy, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz,

"With every lost hour, a part of life perishes." "Deeds make people."

Very few can be prodigies, but we can draw inspiration from their work. What will your deeds and body of work look like in the end?