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January 25, 2007
The latest upload to Ted Patrick's Flickr Adobe Flex UI photo gallery is:
This application is absolutely stunning! It is used for monitoring sea vessel & control systems for safety and security. It contains several innovative screens for monitoring the engines, sea state, weather, lights, cameras, data analysis, flood control, electrical, vessel security, and more. I am almost ready to give out the Flex 2: 2007 Application of the Year award right now and call it game over.  Click here to see a demo. There are several custom components that were created in this application that make extensive use of Actionscript 3 and OO. The design / UI layout is superb and looks very easy to use. This application gets a big time A+ and major props the Intelisea company and their Flex development team.  It is exciting to see sophisticated business applications/models being built with the Flex platform.