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January 23, 2007

Don't Fear the Cairngorm Framework
(a conversation deep inside a Fortune 50 company at a training session)

(MK) Mike Kollen - MVC Cairngorm & Mach-ii Instructor
(GF) Gene Frenkle - Procedural & Aspiring MVC Programmer
(EB) Eric Bloom - Procedural & Aspiring MVC Programmer
(BD) Buck Dharma - Procedural Programmer
(A) Alan - Procedural Programmer
(B) Bobby - Procedural Programmer

(GF): ... can I just say one thing?
(MK): Say it, baby. Say it.
(GF): I'm standing here, staring at Mike Kollen!
(MK): CMM compliant and Instructor of the year baby!
(GF): And if Mike Kollen wants us to learn Cairngorm, we should probably learn more Cairngorm!
(MK): Say it, baby!
(GF): And, Bobby, you are right - I am being selfish. But the last time I checked, we don't have a whole lot of applications that use Cairngorm.
(MK): I gotta have more Cairngorm, baby!
(GF): and I'll be doing myself a disservice -- and every programmer in this company, if I don't learn the heck out of this framework.
(MK): Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more Cairngorm!
(GF): Thanks, Mike. But I think, maybe if I just leave.. and, maybe I'll come back later, and we can learn that Cairngorm framework.
(MK): Aw, baby..
(EB): Gene, wait! Why don't you learn that framework right now. With us. Together.
[ everyone agrees ]
(GF): Do you mean that, Eric?
(BD): He speaks for all of us.
(GF): Thank you.
(MK): Babies.. before we're done here.. y'all be using gold-plated laptops.
(A): What does that mean?
(MK): Never question Mike Kollen! Program it baby!

[ the class starts up again, this time Frenkle is learning Cairngorm in tune with the programmers. Close-up on Gene as he types his laptop to freeze-frame with graphic:]

Procedural Guy : Gene Frenkle: 1950-2006
Cairngorm Guy: Gene Frenkle Born 2007 -

A different version of events can be seen here

January 8, 2007
Blog more! I have been busy as you can see for obvious reasons in the pictures below. My corporate students tend to get most of my time and code examples. I will do my best to contribute more to the general community.

I will be teaching ColdFusion, C#, and Java with a Flex 2 UI architected with the Cairngorm framework. Look for code examples with this focus this year.