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  Projects (Portfolio*):

* There are several projects not listed here that are not for public consumption, but can be demonstrated upon request.

State of Indiana Tourism Board: Location Finder
This Rich Internet Application was created for the State of Indiana Tourism Board website to make it easy for visitors to find point of interests, recreation, events, and attractions. The application plots all of the points geographically based on the search results and uses two different scale maps of the state. There is extensive filtering capabilities for region, city, and keywords. You may also drill down for location details.

Technology Used:
C# - Flash Remoting for .NET
MS SQL 2000
Actionscript 2.0
Flash 7 Player

P11Creative: Interactive Floorplanner
The Interactive Floorplanner is a configurator to help layout furniture for new homes or apartments. I developed the Actionscript 1.0 OO classes for the furniture functionality and shared object library database. This application has won several awards, specifically the California New Home Builder best new software application.

Technology Used:
Actionscript 1.0
Flash 6 Player